Black Pearl Digital AG streams out into three related business areas. These areas are blockchain software development and consulting, seed funding, and startup funding of digital transformation-related enterprises. This website provides a deeper insight into my personal skill set and my educational background. Feel free to ping me directly using the contact information or download my CV and business card.




Smart Contracts90%







Blockchain Consulting & Advisory100%


Leadership Skills100%

Hands-On Mentality100%



German (native)100%

English (fluent)90%

My Story - Experience

  • CTO / COO, Board Member

    Black Pearl Digital AG - Munich

    April 2018 - ongoing

    I am serving as the Chief Technology Officer and the Chief Operating Officer for the Black Pearl Digital AG. That means I am responsible for operations and technology. Furthermore, I am deeply involved in the sales and marketing activities of the company. I am also included in product development and product management to increase Black Pearl Digital’s product portfolio and ensure product quality.

    Detailed description:

    - Business development: Speaking on conferences, generation of leads, supervision of leads through the whole sales cycle.

    - Product development: Requirements engineering and development of the product "SecurePearl", a crypto currency wallet for asset managers and institutional investors.

    - Software development: Lead of 2 scrum teams (3-5 developers each, frontend, backend) and development of the product "SecurePearl".

    - Advisory: Identification of use-cases for blockchain technology within enterprises during workshops.

    - Recruiting: Network of international software development teams (Ukraine, Pakistan, India).

    - Investment business: Identification of new opportunities (seed, startup funding) within the blockchain and high-growth company space.

    - Marketing: Re-Engineering of Black Pearl's marketing strategy and website.

  • Coach Software-Development

    draglet GmbH - Munich

    April 2018 - June 2018

    When draglet was able to stand on its own feet, I decided to start something new. While doing this, I still taught the company’s development teams. Therefore, I developed a training model which enables software development teams a steep learning curve by using video tutorials in combination with visual confluence documentation (charts, diagrams). A extremely short review cycle (more then once a day), in combination with visual guidance material and slack messenger step by step advisory, made it possible, to transfer the software development know-how, of a highly complex currency trading engine and crypto currency wallet, within months.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    draglet GmbH - Munich

    June 2017 - March 2018

    As the managing director of draglet, I worked with over 100 people from around the world. Founded in 2013, draglet has built a large customer base, located in countries across the globe. I loved this job as it is my personal passion to overcome complex technical problems and to get to know different cultures. While working as the managing director of draglet, I created the domain "smart contract consulting", to expand the company’s business areas. In this division, we focused on the creation and implementation of Ethereum / Hyperledger smart contracts. I was deeply involved in creating a marketing concept for this area and also in the conceptual and feasibility study process. I initially created the development teams for draglet's trading engine and cryptocurrency wallet. In the beginning of my management career at draglet, I was the lead developer in both teams. When I was promoted to the C-level management of the company, I still had an overview of the strategic architectural decisions of the development teams. I introduced our customer relationship management tool and coordinated the area-wide rollout. As managing director, the most comprehensive task I had was to plan, introduce, and test a process structure for a smoothly running enterprise.

  • Core Product Manager

    draglet GmbH - Munich

    Novemeber 2015 - May 2017

    The job of the Core Product Manager meant that I guided the development of the cxEngine and cxWallet products on both the technical and business aspects. cxEngine is draglet's Java based trading engine, and I was included in the development process from the very beginning. After guiding the engine’s development for 2 years, I also became responsible for draglet's cryptocurrency wallet in late 2016.

  • Software Engineer

    UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions - Munich

    February 2016 - November 2016

    In 2016 I extended my financial knowledge by applying to a traditional banking enterprise. Besides my job at draglet, I worked as a freelancer in the Java section based at Unicredit in Munich. Here I got involved in the development of a JavaEE based product information generation engine. This system creates and distributes product information sheets for stocks and other exchange products to internal consulting points.

  • Freelancer Java Development

    draglet GmbH - Munich

    December 2014 - October 2015

    When I applied to draglet in 2014 as a Java developer, I continued the development of their trading engine. cxEngine is one module of the draglet suite which consists of a cryptocurrency wallet, a server API, an admin interface, and a front-end client. It was a real pleasure for me to gain extensive knowledge regarding high-frequency trading systems as I developed the system. During my experience as a Java freelancer at draglet, I also got involved in the development of the distributed shared order book, which is basically a liquidity pool, shared by all draglet-based exchange systems.

  • Working Student Software-Development

    Gigatronik GmbH - Munich

    Juni 2014 - December 2015

    While I finished my Master’s degree, I also worked in the automotive and business reporting section. Here I created applications and extensions with the business intelligence tool QlikView. I also developed a QlikView connector, to read and extract mdf4 data files, which are used to store vehicle data.

  • Working Student Software-Development

    MaibornWolff GmbH - Munich

    Juni 2013 - May 2014

    At the beginning of my Master’s degree, I worked in the automotive section and especially in the aftersales area. With this experience, I developed a Java-based prototype, which was used to validate highly complex algorithms. I also created a multilayered QlikView reporting application to evaluate real-time automotive field data.

  • Working Student Software-Development

    iSYS Software GmbH - Munich

    April 2011 - December 2012

    During my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a Java developer in the logistics and finance division. I created a JavaFX application which simulates a shelf robot for warehousing purposes. While I was writing my bachelor’s thesis, I developed a QlikView application to evaluate real-time logistics data. Other tasks, included in my Java developer job, were the development of a fat client application to support the warehouse management of an electronic merchant and a web application for solving support tickets in the finance sector.

  • Logistics Manager

    C.H.Robinson GmbH - Munich Airport

    August 2008 - April 2009

    In addition to my studies, I worked in the forwarding section where I had my contacts from my apprenticeship. This included the import and export handling of air and sea freight.

  • Logistics Manager

    Gebr. Hirdes GmbH - Munich Airport

    September 2002 - October 2004

    After finishing school, I began and successfully finished an apprenticeship at a forwarding agency at Munich airport. Here I was included in the import and export handling of air and sea freight. This included freight distribution via sub-vendors as well as the customs clearance for products.

My Story - Education

  • Master of Computer Science

    University of Applied Sciences Munich

    March 2013 - March 2016

    Thesis: Pattern matching in the music industry. Development of a matching algorithm to match artist/title combinations with the collecting companies database.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

    University of Applied Sciences Munich

    October 2009 - February 2013

    Thesis: Development of a business intelligence tool for a logistics companies warehouse data.